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Drain Tech Inc. offers drain and sewer cleaning services to the residents of Wetaskiwin. We offer a range of services including cleaning main sewer lines to eliminate any blockage and prevent dirty water from entering your home. Operating since 2002, we provide drain cleaning in Wetaskiwin 24/7 for your convenience. Contact us to learn more about how we do our job or reach us here. 

A blockage can affect your entire neighbourhood and the after-effects are worse. It’s best left for the professionals to handle this. Our services include:

General Drain Cleaning

We offer power augering of main sewer lines, kitchen sinks, basins, toilets tubs, urinals and more. We also do root cutting in main lines, cleanout installations and pipe replacements.

High pressure jetting

We have a range of equipment to solve your sewer blockage problems.

  • Small portable jetters capable of up to 1600 psi@2gpm for sinks, urinals etc. 

  • Mobile jetter unit on a 1-ton truck with 500-gallon water tank, 600 ft. of 3/4 inch hose, 300 ft. of 1/2 inch hose and ability to put out up to 2500psi@37gpm. These are great for lines from 4 inch up to 12 inch especially for house sewer lines, restaurants etc.

  • Mobile jetter unit on 3 ton truck with 1500 gallon water tank, boiler, 600 ft. of 1 inch hose and 300 ft. of 1/2 inch hose and able to put out 2500psi@65gpm. These are great for lines from 4 inch and up.

  • Assorted nozzles from general cleaning nozzles to root cutting and sand removing nozzles. 

  • Boiler for instant hot water used for unthawing, pressure washing, municipal sanitary and storm drains, root cutting, grease, sand removal and so much more.

Sewer Line Video Inspections

We have a lateral camera which will be able to go up to 325 feet for 3 inches and up. We also have a mini reel able to go into a 1-1/4 inch line up to 200 feet. It allows for DVD recording along with voice over and line locating attachments.

Sewer and water

Whether replacement or repair, we handle it all. Our range of service includes water freezing for valve replacements, septic tank replacement and repairs, manhole and septic tank confined space equipment installation and more.

Maintenance programs

We also offer maintenance programs for sewers of houses, restaurants, hotels and more. We can help keep track of when your sewer is due for cleaning. If you’re facing consistent problems with roots and grease causing blockages, we can clean that too.

Sewer line locating

With video equipment, we can locate the camera suing an electronic locating device which picks up a radio signal the camera head sends out. These are great for installing bathrooms in a home where you may have to cut the concrete to hook up to an existing sewer. Probably one of the most helpful things the locator is used for is to locate the sewer when pilling is to be drilled for a deck or addition etc. Due to the depth required by code for pilings, more often than not sewers are being hit with augers and pumped full of concrete.


We do sewer and water installations, replacements, repairs, general excavation work, trenching etc.

Apart from the drain cleaning services, we also offer recycling of parts. Parts we recycle include:

Household scrap
Demolition scrap
Industrial scrap
End-of-life vehicles
Heavy equipment
Empty compressed gas containers

Recycling and More

We also recycle a range of metals and also buy them. You can contact us for scrap metal pickup as we do that as well. The types of metal we handle include:

Non-ferrous metals


Ferrous metals


Contact Your Drain and Sewer Cleaning Experts

Drain Tech Inc. is thorough in the job we do, and hence provide off-site demolition and cleanup. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any drain cleaning or recycling services you seek. We are right here serving the area of Wetaskiwin. Call now.

Drain cleaning and Recycling Services

We offer sewer cleaning and also recycling options for you. Contact us today.

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